About Fairbrother Farm

Fairbrother Farm is based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and is a small animal hotel and boarding house for your small pets. We specialise in animal boarding for rabbits and guinea pigs and other small furry pets. Because we are a small facility, we are limited on numbers but at the same time that means your beloved pet will have our undivided attention. We have our own animals here too. We have several of our own rabbits, one being a giant flemish rabbit, 8 guinea pigs, 2 Chinchillas, 2 Skinny Pigs (bald guinea pigs) and 4 pygmy goats. We are animal lovers and can assure you that your pet will have the best care possible whilst with us.

Daily Prices

Our prices are based on you using our hutches although we do ask you to bring your own cage/hutch for guests using the indoor accommodation. We have a variety of hutches and runs for your rabbit or guinea pig to in our secure outdoor enclosure but for guests that sleep inside we do like ownersto bring their pets with their own cage or hutch. We provide fresh hay and fruit and vegetables on a daily basis but you should provide us with any other regular foods that your pet has to ensure they maintain their regular diet.

  • Rabbits - £7.00
  • Guinea Pigs - £5.00
  • Chinchillas - £3.50

If you have an extra pet sharing hutch/cage

  • Rabbits - £3.00
  • Guinea Pigs - £2.00
  • Chinchillas - £1.50


Please get in touch to book your pets into our animal hotel or to ask us any questions about us or our facilities.

Fairbrother Farm
480 Hatfield Road
St Albans
Herts AL4 0SX

Email: info@fairbrotherfarm.co.uk
Tel: 01727 373724